Pantomime Music Publications (PMP) may consider for publication any music that is written for choirs of various voicings and/or levels.

At this point, music will be distributed via the website ( as a PDF file only, with License to Copy. Hard copy may be possible at a future date. A typical selling price is $2.00 per copy, with the submitter receiving 40% ($0.80 per copy). Though the 40% rate is not negotiable, price per copy is negotiable between PMP and the submitter.

PMP will assume the following of submitted material:

  1. The material is written by you.
  2. The material has not been submitted to any other publisher for current consideration.
  3. In the case of an original composition:
    1. You are the copyright holder of the music.
    2. You are also the copyright holder of the text, or the text is in the public domain.
  4. In the case of a musical arrangment, the music is in the public domain.
  5. You agree to have your work possibly edited for publication. Editing means the possible modification of any aspect of your work. You will always have final say in any editing, but refusal to edit may result in the work being rejected for publication by PMP. No editing will be done without the submitter's approval.
  6. PMP will pay the composer/arranger a royalty of 40% of the retail selling price on all copies sold, and 50% of all net receipts from all licensing of the work.
  7. Your music will be typeset using the Finale score preparation software by PMP.
  8. For uniformity of musical presentation, PMP will not publish music using score preparation software other than Finale, nor will it publish hand-written scores.

For more information, please contact Gary Ewer (


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