Pantomime Music Publications is the primary publisher for the music of Gary Ewer. Gary is a Nova Scotia-based composer, arranger, adjudicator and music clinician. He composes regulary for choirs of all voicings and levels, and also composes and arranges for bands, orchestras and other ensembles. To request a commissioned work for your ensemble, click here.

Gary is also the author of "Easy Music Theory with Gary Ewer", and “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting."

PDF and/or Hardcopy

Many of Pantomime Music Publications works are available in PDF format (with license to copy), or in hard-copy. Both formats have their advantages.


Advantages of PDF:

  1. Music is delivered to your email inbox usually on the same day the order is placed.
  2. Lower price per copy.
  3. Free copy for conductor and accompanist.

Advantages of Hardcopy:

  1. Music is printed on high-quality 60-weight Williamsburg Offset.
  2. Copies are mailed within 24 hours of ordering.

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